Mobile marketing has among it’s services SMS or Short Message Service or Text Messaging, whatever we choose to call the platform it offers great opportunity to engage with clients.  Text message marketing can be targeted to new and/or to existing customers.  There are an estimated over 3.5 billion active users eligible to receive business SMS messaging.  SnowballSEO offers professional texting service for business owners. Inquire today about mobile marketing SMS texting service for business.

<h3>Text Message Marketing</h3>

Text messages have a 98% open rate.  Emails, in contrast, have a 20% or less open rate but are still effective.  Nothing allows you to create a deeper engagement with a client than text messaging.  We can help handle business texting needs for companies around the globe.

Text messaging is absolutely perfect for realtors! Please let us explain our services to you.  SMS allows a restaurant or bar to fill their establishment on demand by sending one enticing offer to their customers. The result can be a business almost instantly overflowing with eager friendly faces.  Text messaging services work well with auto repair, oil change companies and car dealerships. We often tailor each business to utilize a different strategy which is best for their situation.  It allows spas, nail salons, hair cutters, dentists, chiropractors and many more similar types of businesses to smoothly remind and confirm appointments, in addition to sending marketing offers.  Text marketing is great for many different types of establishments.

Coupons or specials are a natural marketing plan.  Birthday clubs, VIP clubs, Loyalty clubs are all easily implemented and popular.  Sending a text message to your customers offering the chance to win great prizes in your weekly or monthly text drawing can bring awesome results.  Presenting offers of appreciation to existing customers builds loyal repeat business.  You can easily communicate and thank them for their continued patronage.

SMS business marketing in 2014 went over $100 billion and just continues to escalate today. Let us help you plan your mobile marketing strategy.  Please fill out our discovery form or give us a call to discuss your needs.