SnowballSEO is able to handle your mobile app development project beginning with just an idea. We lead you all the way to receiving the necessary approvals from the app stores.  Our design makes your phone app compatible with smartphones and iPads.

Online activity is definitely evolving all the time. The result is clear.  Everything is moving to mobile.  People use their mobile devices while watching TV. Often, they are in the same room as their laptop or desktop computer while using their mobile device. But, their choice is mobile.  And statistics say the majority of this time spent on the phone is using an app. Smart phone apps have become important. Yet, the popularity of apps is still increasing in significance.  It is a marketing tool small business owners cannot do without.  Just having a web presence is not enough.  In conclusion, the data is in! Your clients have gone mobile! Isn’t it time for you to join them?

Cell Phones Have Become a Necessity For Almost Everybody!

75% of Americans check their mobile phones at least once per hour according to a Gallup survey.  Analysis reveals people spend 90% of mobile time using apps.   In the USA we spend more time looking at our phones than we do watching television.  Smart phone apps are now a marketing tool for companies of all sizes. Without question, this includes small local businesses. Customers appreciate free apps. Apps for sale or selling mobile apps to companies nationwide is what we do.  Most noteworthy today, our company designs smart phone apps for you.

Push Notification Messaging

Push notification messaging is the most powerful feature. You are able to send messages that work like a text message on your phone.  When customers download the app and accept push notifications.  They will receive your unique offers, discounts, or specials. It’s just like accepting text messages.  Now you know your news and info will reach your customers. That’s huge!  You can promote extra services they have no clue you offer. This eliminates the problem, “No one knows that we do that or offer that. I wish they did.”  Now they will.


Deeper customer engagement!  Increased revenues.

Customers don’t need to log into their computer through a browser or search engine to go to your site. They can get to your website through the app.

This makes it much more convenient for your customers.  You are able to provide easy access to all relevant info to them.

Just a couple years ago a lot of people were fuzzy on apps. In 2016 most everyone “gets it” or understands and uses mobile apps.

You look better than your competition. This is not an area to fall behind in.  Wow! Your customers!

Customers are in love with their phones.  They appreciate your app. Digital marketing is how you reach them.

Build Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps definitely improve, secure and keep customer loyalty. You stay engaged with your customers.  They get to know you.

Owners can offer customer support through their app.

You can thank them for their loyalty to you.  Every business wants to keep their current customers. Let them know you appreciate them.

Market to Your Customers

Mobile apps are a great way to promote. You can offer discounts or coupons and put them right in their hands.Companies can reach a larger audience.  Attract new clients.

Expand their customer base.

Eliminates clients searching for your phone number or physical address. It provides driving directions and store hours. It announces any special discounts or offers.

Customers can read reviews from other customers. All this happens with more fun and with greater ease than with a website.

Your website attracts customers. Your mobile app engages them. People read push notifications 98% of the time.